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COVIDEA in four points


We are approaching education from a new direction: harnessing digital and other technologies to achieve lasting personal and societal outcomes that increase human well-being, resilience and sustainability. ​


We are a uniquely diverse group with a shared vision: specialists and polymaths, educators and information and communications technologies experts, international organisations and national government practitioners, economic and social entrepreneurs, and more. ​


We are a bridge between the aspirations of government and policymakers and new ways to deliver more resilient and individualized learning for all students, regardless of the level of digital experience or location; a bridge between the latest innovative products from tech companies and the appetite of educators, students and communities to achieve more. ​


We focus on “the whole learner” and on education in all its aspects: augmenting and underpinning knowledge and skills with character, judgement, critical faculties, ethics, and a deep and action-oriented understanding of citizenship and civic responsibilities. ​

Going way beyond simply “modernizing” education through using high quality digital tools, COVIDEA seeks to rethink education, its content, curricula, and goals including lifelong learning, as a central enabler of individual wellbeing together with societal and economic sustainability and resilience, contributing to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).​


Photo by Susan Q Yin on Unsplash 


Under one roof, COVIDEA seeks to combine the best digital educational tools, curricula and technological options available to assist education systems and institutions, ensuring that learners at all levels obtain the skills, competencies and knowledge needed for happy and productive lives in a sustainable future.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

“We must prepare young people around the world for the future and equip them with the skills and outlook so that they can shape their future, are happy and productive. If we fail, the transition will be bumpy and uneven. If we succeed, we will have also contributed to addressing the main challenges that our world is facing today.” ​

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