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The Digital Education Agora

The Digital Education Agora (DEA) concept is used to bring together, on an easily accessible virtual platform, innovative and integrated tools, content and methods to address the education and learning requirements of humanity in a rapidly-evolving digital world. As such the Agora performs a central convening and coordinating function in operationalizing the overall COVIDEA mission, which is to ensure students anywhere in the world have the skills and competencies they need to lead productive and fulfilling personal and professional lives.​

Country Pilots

A new era in teaching and learning: Creating digital education roadmaps aligned with the sustainable development goals (SDGs)

We can navigate a new path in education through roadmaps that capitalize on opportunities offered by digital technology and drawing on the experiences of educators and students, and relevant public and private sector education service providers from around the world, to achieve quality education, digital skills, and lifelong learning for all, in accordance with SDG4.​

Our Work with GeSI

Members of the COVID Education Alliance (COVIDEA), which brings together experts in education, digital technology, sustainability and resilience, have been invited to form a group in support of the GESI and partners’ initiative to co-develop the Digital with Purpose (DwP) metrics framework, as it relates to SDG 4. ​

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