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COVIDEA is jointly convened by

the Platform for Transformative Technologies (P4TT) and

the Foundation for Global Governance and Sustainability (FOGGS).

It also benefits from the support of the International Science Council (ISC).

Platform for Transformative Technologies


P4TT strives to provide a global, impartial and science-based platform to identify and evaluate transformative technologies that can substantively contribute to the achievement of the SDGs and hence help set the global community on a more sustainable, equitable and resilient economic development path. It catalyses disruptive industrial production processes and business models leading to new products and new ways of doing business and helps develop pipelines of transformative investments that have the potential to substantially contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.


Foundation for Global Governance and Sustainability (FOGGS)

FOGGS is a Brussels-based, non-profit, public utility foundation that aims to:

  • Develop and promote a Grand Narrative of hope, for a people-centered, planet-friendly, inclusive and sustainable globalization in a digital world

  • Help address major global challenges through a revamped global governance system and engaged, responsible and informed global citizens

  • Ensure that the rapid and transformative technological and digital advances contribute to a more equitable and resilient world, with a better life for all people.

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International Science Council


The ISC is a non-governmental organization with a unique global membership that brings together 40 international scientific Unions and Associations and over 140 national and regional scientific organizations including Academies and Research Councils. It was created in 2018 as the result of a merger between the International Council for Science (ICSU) and the International Social Science Council (ISSC), and is the only international nongovernmental organization bringing together the natural and social sciences and the largest global science organization of its type.

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