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Risto Linturi

Risto Linturi is a futurist and a serial entrepreneur. He has lead two of Scandinavias most successful ICT-training companies and he has 40 year long active teaching experience in the area of break through technologies. He is a frequent keynote speaker, whose interviews have been published amongst others in New York Times, Wired, Newsweek, Time, CBS, ABC, BBC, Guardian and numerous others. Global fame came from being an early pioneer in extensive virtual reality experiments. He initiated in 1995 Virtual Helsinki (Helsinki Arena 2000), which is considered to be the first digital twin of a real city. Keynotes include World Congress 2000 on IT and HIMMS 2019. In 2007 Director General of UNESCO invited him to be a member of UNESCO High Level Group of Visionaries on Knowledge Acquisition and Sharing in order to produce the Kronberg Declaration. Linturi has written several raports, published by Parliament of Finland, analysing breakthrough technologies and their future impact to our society. Edutech is one of his main interest areas, and currently he is developing methods to use personified AI agents as teaching assistants. The intent is to increase Socratean dialogue format in online education material with efficient and easily available methods.

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